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The Heart of the Matter What happens when women talk?

The Heart of the Matter

What Happens When Women Talk

You see her across the room and you immediately notice her attire, the lack of expression on her face, the stiffness of her neck, or the lack of eye contact as she passes you by.  In that brief moment, you had summed her up before she could even pass GO, and determined in your mind that she obviously has a problem, she is non-approachable, or you assume that you know “her type” and women like her cannot be trusted! Have you ever made an assumption about another woman and later learned that you were wrong?  In your attempt to read her, did you miss an opportunity? Could a more positive view been used to welcome, or show the woman that it was okay if she came out of her shell and that it was safe to let her guard down? Would it inconvenience your schedule to stop and smile at a co-worker and tell them to have a good day? 

The heart of the matter is, many women have this ongoing, unspoken, odd tension with one another, that was created one-way or another.  It is a large barrier that no one wants to talk about it, but I will. I challenge you today to ask yourselves, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN BEGIN TO TALK? I would confidently say that at that moment, the bandages would gently be removed.  We could address our issues and insecurities.  We would deal with past offenses and share the hurts from yesterday.  We would squash misunderstandings and ultimately ask for forgiveness and become little girls again, where we ask for do-overs.  Then and only then, will we be willing to mentor each other again and be available to help one another climb the ladder of success by sharing best practices.  We would invite each other inside the boardrooms, or share our books with women who are not able to attend, or return to college right now.  I would even stretch to say that our words of encouragement might become the strength another woman needs to walk away from an abusive situation.  Your encouraging words might be the fight a woman needs to give a failed marriage a second chance.  The heart of the matter is, healing begins when WE begin to have a conversation so let’s talk about it.

Written by: Tanika Cherie’,


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