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Ready to travel?...LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE!

What do you pack when you are ready to travel? Recently, I prepared to go on a new trip and needed to decide what to pack. I knew where I needed to be and by when, but had not yet received my itinerary. I placed my open suitcase on the bed and thought of all the little things I might need during my stay. Besides clothing I had not yet packed, it was important to think of everything that could possibly go wrong. So, I threw in my dry erase board in case my laptop battery stopped working. Next, I remembered that I had a half used scented candle. Of course I need that because the lights could go out in the hotel. Then, carefully I packed my portable defibrillator in case someone happened to have a heart attack, sink drain cleaner, a basting brush from my grill, and my vintage sticker collection from middle school. Finally, it was time to add my clothing and there was simply no room left. I only planned to take one bag, so what now?

These random items might sound a little out in left field to take on a trip, right? However, we have all done this in our personal lives at one point or another. We sometimes hold onto things from the past that make us feel comfortable, or safe. Do we get frustrated when we try to add new people and relationships in our life and have no space emotionally and mentally? We even try to carry false expectations of others to our next destination in life, only to find irrelevance and disappointment. Neither should we try to perform emotional CPR on every relationship because honestly - some of them need to die.

Some things were useful at the time we previously needed it, but packing meaningless things in your life only does two things: 1) puts you over the weight limit and 2) leaves no room for the things you REALLY need for the next leg of the journey. So, the next time you get excited about the next chapter in your life's journey, carefully consider the contents of your YOU may carry on!

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