Be A Bridge & Elevate Website


Be A Bridge & Elevate acknowledges the need for women to have a supportive community to discuss relevant topics impacting healing and growth while on the journey to discover their own personal truths. By sharing information and developing ongoing relationships within the community, together we can help elevate expectations they have for themselves to bridge the gap to a brighter future.


Tanika Cherie' is a published author, certified public speaker and motivator.  She is the co-author of “The Mournings After: From Grief to Glory,” where she shares in the chapter [The Gravel Road I Traveled] how she overcame countless tragedies, including widowhood with the help of her faith, family and community.  Tanika is a native of Indianapolis and and survivor of domestic violence. She writes inspirational material daily, using her platform to encourage and inspire others.  With great passion and transparency, Tanika Cherie’ speaks on 'Change, Choices and Transformation'. 

Ramanda "Esse" Hicks is a producer, director, writer and owner of Ram in the Bush Media LLC. She actively supports multiple non-profit organizations and community initiatives. As an overcomer of domestic violence and child loss, Ramanda advocates for homeless women and under-served communities. She received her B.A. in Communication 

Studies-Journalism at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and completing her M.B.A in Marketing at Saint Leo University in Florida. In her spare time when not producing videos, Ramanda  enjoys writing poetry, fine art, jazz and dance.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources through building community alliances that help women acknowledge their personal truths, cultivate an environment of self-love, and open bridgeways between hope and healing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen the bond of sisterhood by elevating personal expectations and surpassing individual limits with measurable outcomes.

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will. 

Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre